Moodna Marsh Tour

Moodna Marsh Tour

$55/child, $70/adult

This tour is ideal for bird watchers and those who enjoy close observation of local wildlife. Begin this tour paddling 1.2 miles north along the shoreline of the beautiful Hudson River before arriving at a railroad trestle that marks the confluence of the Moodna Creek and the Hudson. Your guides will lead you through this freshwater tidal wetland as we keep our eyes and ears open for its inhabitants. With changing water levels due to tide and rainfall, each tour to Moodna Marsh is different, but always enchanting. While we can’t be sure of what we’ll see on a given tour, we often see Great Blue Heron, Egrets, Kingfishers, Beavers, Geese and various species of turtles, fish, and ducks. You may even spot one of the local bald eagles that nest near by! Round trip approximately 3.5 miles.

Single Seater Adult: $70

Single Seater Child Aged 12-17: $55

2 Seater – 2 Adults: $140

2 Seater – 1 Adult and 1 Child Aged 9-17: $125

We provide kayak, paddle and lifejacket as well as instruction before you hit the water.